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  1. In a world where service has gone to hell, Exile stands out. Great communication, quality work and fair pricing. Got my parts, beautifully finished and in a timely fashion. Thank you!

  2. Hello, was Gseries Reinforcement Plate tested in action with boosted engines? Usually Gseries trans have problems handling 300+ hp. If that plate could help till say 400 hp even that would be fantastic.

  3. Hey man I just recently purchased the “Ice Blue” dashboard lighting kit for my protege5 hatch and wanted to make sure I was swapping the correct lights out. Is there anyway to tell exactly which to swap out or If you could send a diagram or something I would appreciate it thanks! Overall amazing kit I do really love the colors they’re just dimmer in some areas and I believe that’s a mistake on my end.

  4. I have a 89 mazda mx6 gt turbo 4ws. my shifter is horrible. will I be able to use the 89 mx6 shifter bushings being its a sub version of the gt turbo? Also is it possible the short Throw shifter will work as well? Thanks for your time

  5. Hey there I’m looking to get the short shifter 2 piece kit and the third linkage for the 2nd gen MX6 but it says that they’re both on back order, just wondering if they’re still in stock?

    Cheers Glenn.

  6. Hello, for your Valve covers, i noted for “color 1” only gold is available, but color 2 has way more color options. Is color 1 just referring to the lettering?

    1. No. We started to make it to order them on the site. But there is way to many options and have over 100 colors in stock. So we only take orders for them over phone or thru our social media page. Much easier that way.

  7. Hi guys…
    Found the Mazda MX6 KLDE intake manifold decal (V6 DOHC 24 Valve) and see that is vinyl ie oracal 651 vinyl decal. How does this stand up to the heat generated under the hood?? What is the life expectancy..
    Thanks for the info before I order..!!
    Thomas T

    1. Sorry I don’t see these often as so much spam comes thru these. I’ve had mine on for about 10 years. It is cleared over and still holds up. Paint starting to fade a bit. But decal still good.

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